Choosing solar energy

Choosing solar energy

At Solidel, we are convinced that solar energy is the way of the future. Together we inspire and embody change.


The solar lampposts are movable
Solar lampposts do not need to be connected to wires that are buried in the ground. They are therefore easily movable and replaceable.

Electric lampposts cannot be moved
Electrically powered lampposts must be connected to wires that are buried in the ground. They are not movable and cannot be easily replaced.
Solar energy costs less
Solar lampposts cost up to 30% less than an electric lamppost. You save on the purchase cost AND on the installation cost.

Electricity is more expensive
You will have to pay a fee to your electricity provider and you will not own the entire lamppost.
Minimal replacement cost
To replace and/or upgrade a solar lamppost, you will only need to change the battery or the LED bulb.

High replacement cost
To replace your electric lamppost, you will have to dig in the ground to extract the wires and change them to the fixture, for all your lampposts.
The solar lampposts can be installed everywhere
With no wires that need to be buried in the ground, solar lampposts can be installed virtually anywhere.

Electric lampposts require access to electricity
Wherever there may be electrical connection issues, there will necessarily be issues with electric lampposts.

Join the Solidel movement. Use solar energy to create a bright future.

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