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The Solidel team is determined to make solar lighting simple and accessible to everyone..

Why use Solidel technology?

Solidel technology uses renewable energy – the SUN – to light and secure your spaces. Our solar-powered street lamps are aesthetically pleasing, modular and easy to move. Save on installation, handling and maintenance costs by choosing Solidel technology.

How are Solidel streetlights different from other solar streetlights on the market?

Our solar panels are positioned vertically, on either side of the lamp post (a true 360 degrees of solar capture!). They capture the sun’s energy at any time of day, without having to orientate the lamp to get the best possible sunlight. What’s more, the vertical positioning of the panels allows them to capture the sun in both summer and winter!

What is a modular streetlight?

Our Panorama and Altitude floor lamps are said to be modular, because you can add solar panels (up to 3 for the Panorama and up to 4 for the Altitude). The more solar panels you have, the more energy you’ll be able to store and light for longer periods.

Do solar street lamps work in winter?

Certainly! A Quebec company has a duty to offer products that work in extreme winter conditions.

The solar panels are positioned on each side of the lamp post, allowing the sun’s rays to accumulate over 360 degrees. We even manage to catch the sun reflecting off the snow!

What’s more, vertical panels don’t accumulate snow in winter. Big plus for the other 3 seasons: dust doesn’t stick to vertical panels as much as to horizontal solar panels. So panel performance is never really affected by snow or dust!

Can the streetlights be programmed remotely?

Absolutely! Streetman management software lets you control your Altitude solar streetlight park remotely. Adjust the intensity of your lights or extend the lighting from within the software. Panorama, meanwhile, can be programmed using the universal remote control supplied.

Do Solidel street lamps require maintenance?

Our solar lighting solutions require no recurrent maintenance.

Are Solidel solar panels fragile?

It’s difficult to damage solar panels that are positioned high up. Contrary to what we might think, our solar panels are highly resistant to impacts from collateral objects (e.g. wood, rock, UFOs, etc.).

In the event of a panel suffering a major shock, only the affected cells in the panel will cease to function. The rest of the panel, meanwhile, will continue to collect the sun’s rays, and your street lamp will still be functional.

We’ve designed the product so that replacing a solar panel is very easy and doesn’t require a major investment!

Is it possible to store energy from the streetlight to power a small appliance?

Yes! The Altitude solar streetlight is an energy accumulator. This solar-powered street lamp captures sunlight, stores it in a battery and converts it into energy to illuminate and power several other types of service, such as a screen, a surveillance camera, a gatehouse, a wifi spotlight and more.

How long does a Solidel battery last?

The lifespan of a Solidel battery will vary according to how you use it (yes!). We calculate battery life in cycles. A cycle is calculated when the battery is discharged to 100% and a full recharge is performed.

On average, a battery will go through 250 cycles per year. We’re talking about an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

Is solar lighting really worth it?

Yes! Solar streetlights cost up to 30% less than an electric streetlight. You save on purchase AND installation costs. With electric, you’ll have to pay a fee to your electricity supplier, and you won’t own the entire streetlight.

Can all streetlights be moved?

Yes! Since our streetlights are installed on self-supporting concrete bases (Patio Drummond), they can be moved. You can move your Solidel solar street lamps at any time using the appropriate machinery. No wires are buried in the ground, and the street lamps work even in less sunny areas (like a forest).

Why use LED fixtures?

The luminaires are designed to withstand the extreme climatic conditions typical of the Canadian climate. Installation is simple, and no tools are required to open the unit if necessary.

Do you offer transport and installation services?

Certainly! We transport and install our products throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Are your products guaranteed?

Yes. Parts for our products are guaranteed for 3 years. Talk to your representative!

Do you offer a lighting design service for my project?

Absolutely! We offer a free travel service and the photometry report required for your project. Our team is available to advise and support you in your transition to solar lighting.

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