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The Panorama solar lamppost is modular and can be adapted to your exact lighting needs. The Panorama illuminates your spaces night and day, summer and winter.

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The Panorama lamppost is composed of 1 to 3 modules of 6-sided solar panels that give it its hexagonal shape.

3 days autonomy

In energy saving mode, the Panorama solar lighting system can provide up to 3 days of light without recharging.

Easy to install

Solidel solar lampposts do not need to be buried. This makes it easy to assemble, install and move the lamppost as needed.

Motion detector

The sensor, added to the system, allows you to save more energy during the night. This option also helps to increase the security of your spaces.

No maintenance costs

The vertical structure is easily and quickly cleaned from the ground, reducing maintenance costs.

Remote control

The lamppost can include a built-in smart solar controller for multiple programming options and configurations at any time, even after installation.

Features that are unique to Solidel

The Panorama solar lamppost really combines design and efficiency. Not only does it have outstanding lighting capabilities, it can also illuminate your spaces in summer and winter. It is what we are proud to call a “four season solar lamppost”.

A vertical design

The vertical solar module is a technology unique to Solidel. Currently patent pending, our module reduces the wind resistance zone, thus reducing the risk of breakage. Even better, having vertical solar panels means that they will never be covered with snow and/or dust. The Panorama lamppost can therefore store all the energy it needs to light, regardless of the climate.

Solid and long-lasting

The Panorama solar lamppost has a die-cast aluminum housing for maximum strength. The module is then sealed with a silicone cord to ensure excellent lighting performance in all conditions. The panels are integrated into the lamppost, ensuring its aesthetics and efficiency. This process gives it an increased resistance to Canadian (and even Quebec) weather conditions.

Compact and easy to install

The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and the solar controllers are positioned inside the luminaire itself. It is this positioning that makes the lamppost very compact. Even though it is imposing (due to its height), the Panorama solar lamppost is very slim and compact when compared to solar powered structures. In addition, the solar controllers are easily connected with “plug and play” for a simple, fast and safe installation and/or modification.

Lifetime of 3,500 cycles

Using a quality lithium battery gives the lamppost a longer life and works perfectly in low and/or high temperatures (-30°C to 50°C). Lithium batteries have a longer lifespan (about 15-20 years), which means they need to be replaced less often and service calls are significantly reduced.

Available options

The Panorama solar lamppost, like the Altitude, is modular and includes several integrated components: solar panels, lithium batteries, charge controller and motion sensor to save energy. The lamppost comes standard with a few components, but it is also possible to modulate yours according to your needs with the following options:

Solidel : lampadaires solaires - potence double / Solar light posts - double stem

Double stem

Add a stem for a wider light beam.

Solidel : lampadaires solaires - base de béton / Solar light posts - concrete base

Concrete base

Three types of bases are available depending on the project.

Solidel : lampadaires solaires - panneaux solaires supplémentaires / Solar light posts - additional solar panel modules

Additional modules

It is possible to add solar panel modules to your lamppost.

Solidel - Watts : lampadaires solaires - 40W ou 60W / Solar light posts -

40W or 60W

Two types of fixtures available.

Main types of use


Provide a bright and safe space for your parking lot users.


Easily light up your neighborhood or city roads without having to bury wires.


Illuminate walking trails to make them safe without creating light or visual pollution.

Bicycle path

Make your bike lanes safe by providing lighted green routes.


Create an inviting park with functional and reliable lighting.

Comparative table of our products

Number of Watts generated
per panel module
25 to 100
Summer lighting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Winter lighting Yes Yes With limitations With limitations
Motion detector Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote control
(Remote or StreetMan)
Yes Yes No No
Modular Yes
(up to 3 modules)
(up to 4 modules)
No No
Maximum height 25 feet 32 feet 12 feet N/A
Types of luminaires 40W / 60W 40W / 60W 10W / 12W / 20 W 20 W
Light color
(Kelvin °K)
2200 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 2200 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 3000 / 5000 3000 / 5000
Battery types
12,8 25,6 3,7 / 14,8 3,7
Types of bases 3 2 2 N/A
Photometry report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spec sheet Download the spec sheet Download the spec sheet Download the spec sheet Download the spec sheet

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