The Solidel difference

A 100% Canadian company
The Solidel

Tomorrow. That’s the word that motivates us to constantly surpass ourselves when it comes to solar energy. It’s tomorrow that drives us to innovate and offer lighting solutions powered by renewable energy. Together we are making tomorrow a bright future.

A one-of-a-kind solution.

Modular panels

The Altitude lamppost can be composed of 1 to 4 modules of 4-sided solar panels that give it its square shape. With a height of up to 32 feet, it is our most efficient lighting solution.

High performance LED lights

The fixtures are designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions typical of the Canadian (and even Quebec) climate! Their installation is simple and no tools are required to open the fixture.

Vertical solar panels

The vertical solar module is a technology unique to Solidel. Currently patent pending, our vertical solar panel module allows the sun’s rays to accumulate throughout the day.

An all-in-one lighting system

This solar lamppost captures sunlight, stores it in a battery, and converts it into energy for (1) lighting and (2) powering several other types of services, such as a monitor or surveillance camera.

The concrete base

The concrete bases of our lampposts are custom-made in the factory to ensure maximum support and stability. The beauty? They don’t need to be buried to be functional.


Solidel : logiciel streetman contrôle à distance lampadaires solaires / Solar light posts streetman management software control solar lamppost fleet

Remote control

The lamppost can include a smart solar controller with several programming options.

Solidel - Altitude : lampadaires solaires / Solar light posts

Energy accumulator

It captures sunlight, accumulates it in a battery and converts it into renewable energy.

Solidel - Panorama : lampadaires solaires / Solar light posts

Relocatable lamppost

The solar power supply means that it does not need to be connected to wires that have to be buried in the ground.