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Our solar tree

The solar tree that’s sure to impress.

Tilia, a solar tree designed to illuminate and brighten the daily lives of people who cross its path. The solar tree illuminates the space in which it stands with class and uniqueness.

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The Tilia solar tree is a lighting solution unique to Solidel, powered by a 25.6V – 100 amp battery. It’s a tree that uses renewable energy to light your spaces.

RGBW lighting

The RGBW (Red, Green, Blue and White) adds movement to solar tree lighting. Tilia can even sparkle.

Monocrystalline solar panels

Monocrystalline solar panels offer higher efficiency than polycrystalline solar panels. Their design allows for better energy production.

Precise design

Each branch of the Tilia solar tree has been individually laser-ribbed and can be adjusted to suit your lighting needs.

Easy to install

The Tilia solar tree doesn’t need to be anchored to the ground. Its concrete base makes it easy to assemble, install and move as required.

Remote control

The solar tree can include an integrated smart solar controller for programming and dimming even after installation. Program the tree and light intensity using a Bluetooth application.

Features that are unique to Tilia

The Tilia solar tree is a raw and elegant combination of galvanized steel and concrete, giving it extraordinary durability. As well as being a literal work of art, our solar tree will light up your space.

105 solar panels

Our new-style solar street lamp features over 105 solar panels added to each of the leaves that make up the tree. The 5-watt monocrystalline solar panels are inserted on top of the galvanized steel leaves.

Custom finish

Its authentic look sometimes makes us forget that the solar tree was originally designed to provide security and lighting for your spaces. It is therefore possible to add a Stainless strip to the bottom of the concrete bases.

Solid and durable

The Tilia solar tree is a lighting solution designed to last. Each solar panel module is integrated into each leaf, ensuring aesthetic appeal and efficiency. The raw combination of galvanized steel and concrete makes the solar tree even more durable.

An ingenious design

The 25.6V – 100 amp lithium iron phosphate battery and solar controllers are positioned inside the solar tree. Three compartments are available in the concrete bases for storage.

Available options

The Tilia solar tree, like the Altitude solar street post, is customizable and includes several integrated components: solar panels, lithium batteries, charge controller and energy-saving motion detector. The solar tree comes standard with a few components, but it’s also possible to modulate yours to suit your needs with the following options:

Solidel : lampadaires solaires - potence double / Solar light posts - double stem

Custom benches

Create a customized relaxation area with our concrete benches.

Solidel : lampadaires solaires - base de béton / Solar light posts - concrete base

Concrete base

Several concrete bases are available to suit your project.

Solidel : lampadaires solaires - Streetman logiciel de contrôle à distance / Solar light posts - Streetman software remote management

Custom paintwork

Choose the tree paint color to suit your needs.

Solidel : lampadaires solaires - panneaux solaires supplémentaires / Solar light posts - additional solar panel modules

Additional modules

Additional solar panel modules can be added.

Main types of use

Shopping center

You’ll catch the eye of the curious!

Real estate development

Attract new homeowners by offering them safe spaces.

Solidel : lampadaires solaires - parc / Solar light posts - park


Create an inviting and unique park with stunning lighting.

Town Hall

Brighten up your spaces while taking a stand on the use of solar energy.

Solidel technology

When you choose Solidel, you’re not just buying a solar streetlight. You’re choosing Solidel technology.

We make products designed for Quebec’s climate, with a focus on performance and an eye for aesthetics.

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