Lampadaire solaire tradition quai


Our solar lamppost


The Tradition solar lamppost gives you the traditional look of a street lamp while providing 360 degree lighting powered by clean energy.

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Available in three different models

The Tradition lamppost is available in 3 distinct models, the T10, T12 and T20 to offer a lighting adapted to your needs.

360 degrees lighting

The shape of the fixture allows for 360 degree lighting, leaving no dark corners when near the lamppost.

Easy to move

The Tradition is lightweight and easily movable. The wires do not need to be buried and the lamppost can even be stored in the winter!

Motion detector

We add a motion detector to the T12 and T20 lamppost system. This allows you to save more energy and to reinforce the security of your spaces during the night.

Several lighting modes

Depending on the model selected, the Tradition lamppost can have a lighting mode that is activated by motion sensors or by factory programming.

Savings on installation

Solidel lampposts do not require excavation to be installed. No need to bury the wires and/or dig in 15 to 20 years to change them.

Tradition : 3 models of lampposts

The Tradition lamppost and its different models allow you to illuminate your spaces without having to compromise the design of your environment. The aluminum pole, the type of light fixture and the base chosen will dress up parks, rest areas and front of houses with class!

T12: A simple model

The T12 model of the Tradition lamppost has a power of 12 Watts and a high performance LED bulb. Its solar panel is located at the bottom of the round luminaire, along with a 3.7 volt lithium-ion battery. The light is activated by two motion detectors and the light is automatically activated after sunset.

T20: a high-performance model

The T20 model has a power of 20 Watts and a high performance LED bulb. The solar panel is located on the luminaire. The lamppost also includes a 14.8 volt lithium-ion battery. The lighting mode is activated by two motion sensors and the light is automatically activated after sunset.

T10: A traditional model

The T10 model of the Tradition lamppost has 10 watts of power and, like the T20 and T12, a high-performance LED bulb. The solar panel is located on top of the lamp and the lamppost includes a small 3.7 volt Lithium-ion battery. For this model, the activation of the lighting mode is done with a factory programming!

A relocatable lamppost

The Tradition lamppost is a super easy to move. The solar power supply means that it does not need to be connected to wires that have to be buried in the ground. The cast aluminum alloy and stainless steel housing and polymer lens ensure the strength and durability of the lamppost!

Available options

Just like the Altitude lamppost, the Tradition lamppost includes several integrated components: solar panels, lithium battery, charge controller and motion sensor to save energy. The lamppost comes standard with a few components, but it is also possible to modulate yours according to your needs with the following options:

Solidel : lampadaires solaires - base de béton / Solar light posts - concrete base

Concrete base

Three types of bases are available depending on the project.

Solidel - Watts : lampadaires solaires - 40W ou 60W / Solar light posts -

10W, 12W or 20W

Three types of fixtures available

Main types of use

Rest area

Create an inviting and safe rest area.


Create an inviting park with functional and reliable lighting.

Comparative table of our products

Number of Watts generated
per panel
25 to 100
Summer lighting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Winter lighting Yes Yes With limitations With limitations
Motion detector Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote control
(remote or StreetMan)
Yes Yes No No
Modular Yes
(up to 3 modules)
(up to 4 modules)
No No
Maximum height 25 feet 32 feet 12 feet N/A
Types of luminaires 40W / 60W 40W / 60W 10W / 12W / 20 W 20 W
Light color
(Kelvin °K)
2200 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 2200 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 3000 / 5000 3000 / 5000
Battery types
12,8 25,6 3,7 / 14,8 3,7
Bases types 3 2 2 N/A
Photometry report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spec sheet Download the spec sheet Download the spec sheet Download the spec sheet Download the spec sheet

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